Show Me the Money

One thing I dislike to see in tech is announcing a product or service too early.  This is mistake I see all too often, but what do I mean by too early? If you are launching a physical product I should be able to order it (or pre-order) when the announcement is made. If you’re launching a service or app, I should be able to sign up or install it, at the bare minimum I should be able to participate in a beta.

A product announcement should always be actionable. As a user or potential customer, telling me that it will be ready “very soon” just leaves me feeling cold. Don’t talk to me about the future, show it to me.

Rocket launch, Photo by NASA


Hi there, I'm Seth Deckard, a software developer with years of experience working in Ruby and Rails. I co-founded WarningAware and have authored several open source projects on GitHub. You can reach me on Twitter.