Show Me the Money

One thing I dislike to see in tech is announcing a product or service too early.  This is mistake I see all too often, but what do I mean by too early? If you are launching a physical product I should... read more

Toxic Technical Debt

There is some debate going on over what exactly technical debt means in relation to a software project. The main issues seem to be what makes up technical debt and whether it should ever be acceptable... read more

Working Effectively with Legacy Code

I’m attempting to strengthen a weakness in my knowledge, that weakness is the ability to make changes to legacy code with a high degree of confidence. Legacy code as Michael Feathers puts it in his... read more

Clean C# via SyleCop

StyleCop is an open source source code analysis tool that can check your C# code against a predefined set of style rules published by Microsoft.  When working in C# I find this tool is a great asset... read more