I’m Seth Deckard, a software developer with extensive experience building applications using agile and test-driven methods. Recently the focus of my work has been largely related to weather and live video streaming. I am a co-founder of WarningAware, an advanced weather alerting SaaS offering (think PagerDuty for weather and emergency alerts). I previously co-founded TVNweather, which was a popular live streaming platform for storm chasers.

I launched my first Rails web application in 2007, after realizing the productivity benefits the framework and Ruby as a language provided over contemporary solutions. Rails has evolved a great deal since then but I believe it remains one of the best choices for getting your idea to market as fast as possible. I’ve created Rails apps dealing with live video streaming, SaaS, e-commerce, on-demand docuseries video content, Geospatial data (GIS), web APIs for mobile/SPA/desktop clients, and more.

I shipped native iOS and Android live video streaming apps, that allowed for real-time tracking of storm chaser dash cam feeds on a map. I created native iOS and Roku apps for on-demand video streaming from a user’s library of purchased video content. I built custom live video streaming infrastructure by extending Wowza Streaming Engine with custom modules and building an API for integration and automation. I also have years of experience working with other languages and technologies in various domains such as search, telecommunications, e-commerce, and aerospace.

I’m the author of an open source Ruby implementation of a parser/generator for Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming specification (HLS) called m3u8. I’ve also published other open source projects relating to climate data and weather alerts.

When I’m not busy coding I like to spend my time running and staying active; occasionally enjoying the outdoors hiking and camping with my wife.